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Winner of High Tech Awards Chooses DataLock

"To a large degree, my professional life takes place on my laptop," says Diane Holland, CEO of Massive Software. "Until we found DataLock, we never had an affordable, effective solution for our corporate team's laptops."

Massive is the Academy Award-winning software responsible for epic crowd scenes in major feature films, from Lord of the Rings to the upcoming film 2012.

"We always had good automated systems for backing up the work of our software developers," says Holland. "But until DataLock we were manually backing up the vital information on our laptops with external hard drives. That can be dangerous because people forget, or they don't have time."

Thanks to DataLock's partnerships with New Zealand's Internet providers, Massive doesn't pay for the normally expensive broadband to back up large files online.

"On behalf of the admin team at Massive," says Holland, "I can say it's a huge relief to not worry anymore, and we thank DataLock for that."